Time is…


(Time is) … of the essence;

a fractional particle that chases

the soul around. As pollen

covers windows, and teases

the nose with a sneeze,

time is the sweat of pores

that hard work wipes clean

with its sleeve. It’s the nectar

of brow that blinds vision,

as it pours itself over the eyes,

a masquerade of eternal notions

that is revealed in the twilight

wings of fireflies. Time is

the dust of our essence; that a new

birth cleanly shakes free, or

remains as a flickering, hazy focus,

of  ethereal light that shines

from you and me.


~ jeffrey vionito


picture by:  http://momastery.com/blog/2012/01/04/2011-lesson-2-dont-carpe-diem/


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