Song of my Soul


Carry me softly

into every dark night.

Deep in my heart,


burst me apart,

with a space to feel you

windy and free.


Carve of my bones

a vessel to sing your song;

resonate in these tiny


chambers, a divine serenade.

Teach me, to sing myself wide open —

like copper chimes,


painted in the patina of time;

Hold me close, as I fall in harmony

with your windy awakening.


Oh Keeper of the Higher Love,

eternally shining the brightest light

of inner reflection,


let the only sound

I hear, be the healing rhythms

of this sweet lullaby,


carrying me softly

beyond the cradle and tomb

of why? … Why? … Why? …


~ jeffrey vionito


Picture by:  (Susan Seddon Boulet)



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