Soul of my Soles

RD Sandals

Embellishing the feet

with fanciful fashions,

leaves Anticipation’s

alluring ruse,

to the purpose of the shoe’s

glorified design.

Becoming the purpose

behind the walk,

I try to be

a simple man.

Each pair of sandals

has meaning.

From the ones

with bottoms worn thin,

to the ones that barely

earned a scuff or scratch.

All of them the same,

but none without character.

When I slip through the form,

and relax into their

grounding contour,

I become the many reasons

behind them.

Always reminded,

through wiggling toes,

that it’s the feet,

not the sandals,

that bring me

to where I need to go.


~ Jeffrey Vionito


Picture by:  A friend’s sandal collection.  Each pair has its own purpose. Going out,  yard work, taking out the trash….a good lesson in living simply! 🙂

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