Heart Bursting Open


In the midst of rain

you appear mighty,

as a chest billowing grey/white

with brawn, flexing

inside the breath of earth.


Your heart bursts at the center

in golden rays

of sunlight; in tunnels

of sacred promise, melding


with the boundless truth

of Love’s unclenched

freedom to suffering


When thunders’ forms

vanish in the time laden sky,

Your truest mold

is seen with peaceful clarity.


O’ divine essence,

that always dwells

high above the seat

of lower clouds,


I am but a reflection;

my heart is your throne,

shining through clouds

of perception .


I am but a shadow, casted

across a pond of kyanite ether,

basking in the reminder,

of pure sun light,


That all is never lost

or forgotten, but

A part of your own

unique way

of bringing me

back home to you.


~ jeffrey vionito


Picture was taken by:  my friend Dawndy Flores

Catching Stillness is available now in paperback on http://www.amazon.com



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