Tiny Acts


The greatest spiritual practice we can learn as a society, is how to accept and love each other unconditionally. So often we become focused on the charms of great sages with mystical enchantments and the ancient traditions that have built a faith around them. This focus can sometimes lead to our own inherent power of Love to fall to the wayside.   It is a quality so natural and commonplace that the word ‘mystical’ has fallen away from its description. But ironically, spirituality always calls on us to lend ourselves to the higher awareness of this quality.

Gandhi once said, “Love is the strongest force the world possesses yet the humblest imaginable”. Each and every one of us holds this power within our heart, the power of choice and capacity of Love, to raise one another up to a higher place of being. On a very basic and simple level we can offer spiritual healing in the form of a smile, an act of kindness, praise, encouragement, and laughter. These are all seeds of love that carry so much weight and yet float effortlessly in the wind of a day.

When I can make such an exchange with another person, they often return it with a similar gesture of gratitude. There is an undeniable conscious flow taking place in that moment. Think about that for a minute. Two people are connecting in a simple and subtle way. This exchange carries us both into the next interaction we have throughout the day. The energy continues to expand to those around us and raises us up in a positive way. In one simple gesture, a conscious flow is created, and to be aware of the value of that graceful expression, gives us all the ability to cultivate the spiritual love that the wisest and most mystical of sages have been pointing to all along. When we express and become aware of the greatness held within each tiny act of Love, these acts become stepping stones that lead towards our own spiritual evolution.


~ jeffrey vionito

Picture by:  www.alexabsalom.com


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