A Woman’s Love


There is a sensuality found in the sanctuary of a woman’s eyes. The way her soul’s view, like a crystal ball can compel a heartbeat to intensify like a midday sun, making you feel the mysterious heat of the moment rush over you. To earn her full attention, she will have you strip clean of all your walls and make you quietly beg for acceptance. And in your most vulnerable point, she will offer assurance of your beauty in all its boldness. At that point, she will certainly have found her way inside your heart and you will thank her for it.
You will thank her by giving yourself to her, because every scared boy grows into a man’s body to hide within. And the fear of an inner child is veiled with anger and pride. These are qualities fit for a warrior braving a cruel and chaotic world. What else is there, but a woman’s soft touch of unconditional Love, that can help relieve a man from these delusions. For it is the ultimate want of a fierce and shielded man, to experience the intimate tenderness they are seldom allowed to outwardly feel.
Yes, she will approach with compassion, and man will receive her through the crimson raw passion of the root chakra. But a woman’s energy only flows in the presence of our rising up into the deepest and greenest path of the heart. It is not until that moment before she will trust you with her own heart.
And when she does, the whole world will seemingly be your kingdom, even if you have nothing of value to offer but your own Love. A woman in love wants nothing more than a kindred heart loyal and true. Nothing else ever matters, and nothing else will ever do.


~ jeffrey vionito


picture by:  http://www.pinterest.com/pin/550494754422179219/



2 thoughts on “A Woman’s Love

  1. Winding road says:

    very lovely to read in a man’s words. 🙂 I hope you showed this to your wife!

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