Autumn Revelation


I look for you in the autumn wind,

as the leaves mature to their descent.

Falling to the base of the tree,

they return to the roots of their maker.

I look to you and sometimes wonder,

if just like the leaves,

how they break down in the soil

and nourish the roots,

is there something in you

that becomes nourished,

when my soul finds its way back to you.


I sit beneath this tree all my life,

and watch the fallen leaves

slip into the soil,

watching the tree grow taller

and limbs grow longer.

In the skeletal branches above,

the sapling leaves begin to push through

as they did many times before.

I begin to see every leaf drifting into a birth,

and I smile and think to myself,

maybe I am much more,

than what I believed myself to be all along.


~ jeffrey vionito

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4 thoughts on “Autumn Revelation

  1. Ascension Angels says:

    Beautiful 🙂

  2. Wow, the ending just made me smile. 😀

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