Mother Earth


Mother earth, belly round,

with native children of your womb,

A sacred space creating each,

an abundance of a coursing river.


Mother earth, eyes of sky blue,

through your vision, we can see,

the dream of all we are today,

and tomorrow’s flight of fantasy.


Mother earth, tears of changing sea,

with the wind your storm is fierce,

or lulling away in peaceful breeze,

to celebrate each tiny magnitude.


Mother earth, volcano of passion,

with heat overflowing within,

creating new direction in a temper,

paving new earth in renewal.


Mother earth, goddess of our birth,

spirit moving, everything is you,

pulse of your core, pulse of our heart,

the magnet of our true design.


Mother earth, we are all one being,

as a brain with many moving thoughts,

consciously forming in your divine way,

a harmony by witnessing your grace.


Mother earth, I bow in solemn praise,

Every bit of you dwells, in every bit of me,

the magnificence of your very essence,

A seed of my own blood, ripe in discovery.


~ jeffrey vionito


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3 thoughts on “Mother Earth

  1. jameskolt85 says:

    I like your poem you should check out my blog i write a lot of similar original stuff!

  2. Ascension Angels says:

    Reblogged this on Ascension Angels and commented:
    This is awesome… thank you Jeffrey 🙂

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