He Did it for Love


So the dreamers can still dream,

And the artists could keep creating.


He did it for the poor, simple man,

giving buoyancy against the tides of life.


To the penniless, uneducated women,

with children and no father to provide.


And to the homeless beggar on the street,

Resting in wheel chair in December.


Jesus revealed to us, the sacred bridge,


for the 14 year old prostitute, running

away from the demons in her house,


to the 15 year old orphan since birth,

living in the only home he ever knew,


and all the addictions of our human minds,

helping to set us free from our mental prison.


Jesus showed us the way across,


Even to the convicts that understand,

the way they should have once been,


to the thieves that always felt empty,

after filling their pockets with guilt.


Jesus lifted the ones that never thought

they were good enough to be anything,


For you and me, and everyone in between.

Jesus still gives completely, with nothing to spare.


He carries death’s burden of a cross,

and the endless torture of a world.


Dripping the pierced nectar of suffering,

caused by the hands of ignorance.


And still! He pointed towards Love…

And still! He pointed towards Love…


the only path leading to his father’s

kingdom of Higher Love.


Jesus lived to show us the way

to live beyond our death and suffering,


He did it,


because we could not see above

the mountain of his timeless heart.


The summit of his Love was so high,

that he would live in the deepest valley,


just to keep the river from washing us away.


~ jeffrey vionito


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