Ancient Mantra

Thank You

I had plans to go out last night and be with friends that live almost an hour away.  But instead, I had to file my taxes before midnight.  What I anticipated taking one hour turned into 6 and somewhere in between we got hungry.  So we hopped in the car and went to go get something to eat and take a break for a while.  We pulled into the restaurant parking lot, picked up our order, and then returned to the car.  But the car wouldn’t start.  So we had to get a jump and drive right to Autozone to get a new battery and switch it out.  Long story short, taxes were filed at 1115pm.


All that being said, I am grateful.  Grateful this all happened within minutes from our home, instead of somewhere over an hour away.  Grateful, it was a beautiful night to be outside.  Grateful, it was only the battery that needed to be replaced and not an alternator.  Im still not sure how to be grateful for owing $700 on my taxes, but that is just an action that I will have to left reveal itself in its own time, I guess.  Haha


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