New Book Release – Catching Stillness (Free Copy)

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Hello all,

As you may know I released my book on Sunday and I am looking for 5 people who would be interested in a free signed copy in hopes of promoting my book and spreading the awareness of the topics I write about.  For those that are interested, I am looking to send a PDF format of my book out via email to you. Then within a 2 week period or so, please goto and complete a review or submit to me a written review I can place in the eBook for new readers to see.  Once a review is in, I will mail you a copy of my book, completely free!


Please email me at if your interested in a copy.  Thanks and I hope you all have a beautiful and blessed day!




2 thoughts on “New Book Release – Catching Stillness (Free Copy)

  1. mohit tiwari says:

    Congratulations for this feat…

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