Seeds of Suffering

plant in hands


It began with a strong push of the wind

that carried me away from my mother.


And after I passed through the cold air,

rain pounded and pushed me down.


Life came along and walked all over me.

Each moment stepping upon my grain,

I sometimes still cringe from its blinding force.


Then I lied in quiet darkness, buried alive.

My senses were cut off from a world I knew.

I heard nothing. Saw nothing. Smelled nothing.

I felt. Nothing. But the vibrations above.

My empty insides screamed for release,

As thoughts died in the wailing depths

Of, I am alone, isolated, unloved.

I thought it was the absolute end of me.


Then, out of nowhere, my shell started to crack.

My center began to flood with the energy

to expand and break through all these boundaries.

Spreading wide in every direction, I became

wild and fearless, supple and strong.

I grew boldly, in ways I have never thought possible.


Maybe all of this happened for a reason,

Maybe I just needed to be driven to a quiet place to grow from.


~ jeffrey vionito


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2 thoughts on “Seeds of Suffering

  1. A powerful piece. I really like the positive reflection at the end.

    • I had this talk with my daughter one time. Explaining how a seeds life is much like our own. We always see plants and trees as beautiful. But truth is, its both violent and harsh as well. Thank you and i hope you have a great Sunday! 🙂

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