Goodbye Chocolate


Today marks day 7 of no chocolate in my diet, and about 2+ weeks of no caffeine.  Feels good. My energy levels are more consistant, much more focus, and i have less cravings for sweets since there is nothing i like sweet besides chocolate.  But now i dont even crave that so much.  A friend brought brownies to work this week and gave me one.  I passed it along to someone else. 🙂

A Haiku – to chocolate

High on cacao beans-
Numbingly sweet chocolate
Melting my senses

6 thoughts on “Goodbye Chocolate

  1. Winding road says:

    Nice job! how much coffee did you drink before? or did you drink coffee? I’m not so sure I could do without my 2 cups in the morning but might be able to trick my brain with decaf.

  2. I just recently gave up coffee and feel so much better for it. Chocolate? Now way! Can’t.Do.That! LOL! Congrats to you. Blessings!

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