God is Love

photo 4-8


My religion is Love.

Not in the rapture

of all things pretty with frill,

or passing flower’s bloom,

but of the divine essence

and light that pervades

all things. Wisdom’s faith

in gradual harvest opens.

Knowledge grows crisp

with strong surrender,

and both are polished bright,

with each rounding embrace,

of the ripple and the wave.

The Soul’s scent,

by love’s bond sticks

to all that is eternally vast

and tempered narrow.

Talk of Truth, tell me stories,

tell me of history. Tell me,

“don’t tell me about Love”,

But still there is Love.

The essential thread,

that connects everything

dripping with form,

and passing its energy

to the secret longing

Of one host, after another,

after another.


~ jeffrey vionito


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