Wisdom of a Fish


Treading on the surface
where the salty air mingles
with the emerald sea,
fish rush between the ripple
and ribbons of foam.
Stirring in the shallows
of wild confusion, they bump
along the stern.
The boat hands would rejoice
at the netted grasp of easy work,
catching the blind adrenaline
cutting across ‘The Razor’s’ edge,
while the bigger fish look above
from their panoramic view.
The coming and goings
of a busy world up high
barely unfold a current
in this centered space.
Occasionally, a hook
tries to pull them up
into the deadly air above.
But here danger moves
Slowly and more obvious.
As Witness to this living bait,
most of these fish remain
uninterested in the things
that feed their tongues
and leave their bellies empty,
while the steely pangs of suffering
dig into their beating core.

– jeffrey vionito

2 thoughts on “Wisdom of a Fish

  1. Morgan says:

    Fantastic imagery! Just wonderful 🙂

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