Caffeine Withdrawals



I had to share a bit of my journey.  Trying to cleanse my body of certain things this year.  Caffeine is number one on the list.  I stopped taking in caffeine on Sunday and whoa,  what I harsh lesson I’m learning.  I have had severe headaches all day yesterday, and today.  It’s starting to fade away now,  as the end of day approaches.  But haiku came out of this whole ordeal, so here it is.


coffee beans, intense —

grinding, they leave my body,

— brewing drops of pain.

~ jv

I’m hoping in the long term,  I will have a more sustained supply of energy, and be able to attune myself with my body and the messages it sends me.  To stop fighting it, with ways that only create fluctuation and dependency.  To ultimately write better, create larger expressions of literature with clarity.  To continue to expand in a spiritual way.

Love you all, be well on your journey and be good to yourselves.

Jeffrey Vionito

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