2 thoughts on “And so replied the Buddha…

  1. That is the impossible task.As long there is Temptation,”I” and “Want” are eternal.Buddha was in a different world in a different time.Christ said .”carry your cross and follow me and happiness be your in both worlds.”Jalal Michael Sabbagh

    • Very difficult yes, but not always impossible. I tend to lean toward the notion that Buddha and Jesus were one in the same with their views. Buddha would also say to accept your suffering. Meaning, this “I” and “want” are bound to us all in this human form. Our attachments are a condition of our being here in the first place. But when we try to deny this and try to put down our cross (so to speak) and walk away in hopes of being happy, we only run into conflict with ourselves and others. From my current understanding, something to think about, if we experience this life with nonattachment, acceptance of things as they are, and Love, happiness will indeed be ours in both worlds. We have all experienced this happiness many times before, but as we all share this inner conflict with our own ego mind, that happiness is often muted, until we rebalance our awareness once again.

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