The Selfish Whistler


I ask you abruptly sir, please do not whistle!
And you softly respond with a tweedle ee dee.
You put all your eggs in a wooden frying pan
And Smile.  Won’t you try to understand me?

You dont whistle for me, please dont whistle,
When I am trying hard to think and to do.
Your tune is a voiceless unknown song, sir,
if i cant sing along, i am so confused by you!

I do not whistle, as a kid i was never taught.
Perplexed, i found need for a guided how to.
Giving an open voice to this menacing craft
i quietly learned the ways of your doodle ee doo.

Now i too, have become a selfish whistler,
Just as the crazy man i once thought lewd.
Unaware, i smile and croon this silly tune
and people look at me, strangely amused.

Its been several years since i’ve seen you,
A simple man with a harmony left behind.
A gypsy’s melody now bound to a new whistler
a memory without a name, floating on my mind.

~ jeffrey vionito

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