The Guru Came To Kirtan




I remember that night when the Guru

met with Lord Krishna after a Poetry/Kirtan.


Lord Krishna was in a frame, sitting at the altar,

in a cosmic form of holographic vibrations.


The room was echoing in the bliss of bhakti

and the celestial noon slowly approached.


As beings of light, we resolved with a push

to add another golden hour to springs daylight,

and that is when I saw them across the way,

making complete eye contact with each other.


The Guru, and the mystical Maha himself

mixing in the visions of Lord Krishna as a child,

transforming into a full grown reflection.

Expanding in the wake of a witness, the Guru

walked to the left, then walked to the right.


Fascinated and smiling, He said, “Wow!

Hi form is changing, just by the way

I change my view!”


In that moment the Guru revealed to us

the sense beyond the happenstance.

Maybe all this time, it was Govinda’s charm

causing us to dance inside this Divine Lila.


~ jeffrey vionito


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