Sacred Harmony


Will I ever see you as I look above,

or is this a reflection of my hiding?

Am I just a scattered trace of biding,

to the lonely distance in how I love?


When I am happy, all are happy too.

It seemingly offers a blessed appeal,

macro cosmic hiccup of a way I feel,

and carries me lightly in all that I do.


If I am sad all is lost in fields of grey,

none seeming to sing or spark chime,

absence of verse, no meter or rhyme,

all fade to absence and slumber away.


It has appeared to me on many days,

I am both, flower rising from ground,

and a sun shining brightly unbound,

a position changes as a mood sways.


To every whim, I make a new globe,

such is a powerful position to reign,

if consumed, a pauper proven feign,

to calm witness bearing noble robe.


Surrendering a guise of selfish force,

unveils a heart boundless and pure.

Open acceptance of all can procure,

a path of freedom to take its course.


Will I ever see you, as I look up above,

as inner stillness, the answer will find me.

You are everywhere that my senses be,

harmony gravitates from within your love.


~ jeffrey vionito


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