The Life of a Dreamer


I was born into a life of a dreamer,

in a windy realm of spirit unknown,

a melting bottle of a mind blown,

carried away in careless demeanor.


I was born with everything I need,

my heart falls gently as the snow,

so bright and airy, I come and go,

each thought a gust of breezy seed.


I grew up unmoved by transient reality,

without purpose, I passed away my day,

living by their rules, doing as they say,

flying high above the clouds of duality.


I grew up, by worldly view a vagabond,

never fixed on any given point of light,

seeing divine reflections in all my sight,

a soul enriched without itch to abscond.


I have grown as old as this wooden pier,

chipped and faded by weather’s bitter scorn,

the young look at me weathered and worn,

but behold I am born a dreamer so dear,


I have grown close to my heart and soul,

Time is for the aging, I never grow old,

These final days, as my bones feel cold,

A blanket of love all around to feel whole,


Cause I’m a dreamer, in a world of my own,

shifting the sands of the earthly mundane,

until my final departure into another plane,

I wander this world, but I’m always at home.


~ jeffrey vionito


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