The Divine Quality



These wings take me anywhere

I set my heart to fly.  Opened up,

I feel the breath of freedom,

lifting in a flight above my folly.


Wings of Love make spirit soar

on windy peaks of mountains,

and storm of valley flooding low,

they glide on stillness of peaceful being.


Love breaks the will of suffering,

just as birds cut and ascend in air.

Ever expanding in selfless reach,

Becoming lighter with every thrust.


Love shakes the dust of thought,

as it collects on sunlit plumage,

transcending what holds it back

from feeling what it longs to consume.


Wings of Love, I see you by my side,

a visual of constant grace surrounding,

a quality that carries us through life.

Bringing us together, to live as One.


~ jeffrey vionito


2 thoughts on “The Divine Quality

  1. Very nice pairing of image to words…:)

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