Somewhere in Between


Eventually, the world

always seems to return

to the spiritual heart.

Soul and sacred wonder

tied together as one.

Somewhere in between,

it all disappears in you.

Windy waves of dark blue,

Even the ocean mists

as it sprays up

into the early bright.

To witness this dance

opens a flower of focus

in the palms of my hand.

Somewhere in between

my greatest surrender

releases into Love.

I am the rolling water

trying to cling to my salt,

as you are the sunlight

dissolving me into air

from the tips

of my sea.

~ jeffrey vionito

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5 thoughts on “Somewhere in Between

  1. iithinks says:

    Beautifully expressed!!

  2. E.D. says:

    pretty image.. Did you take the photo yourself? – it is so delicate. eve

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