Rise Above


Can we rise above

to look beyond,

the drama of a people

we once were?

To grow in the grace

of peaceful being,

a song onto The One

in praises of gratitude,

for how we changed

each other’s lives.

We learn about ourselves

through these waves

of connective chaos,

as they bring us together.

We can grow apart,

isolated and numb,

or make a choice

to come together as One.

Let our words

burn away this silence,

and close the distance

we feel in our hearts.

Can we rise above this wall,

as the sun does in every day,

shining on both sides?

Can we thaw away

these burdens

kept frigid and filled

of expired thought?

Or will the bitter wind

sharpen its fangs

against the darkness,

as it steals away our Children,

our Hope, our Love.


~ jeffrey vionito


picture by: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/131730357821755187/


2 thoughts on “Rise Above

  1. Winding road says:

    I believe in collective consciousness and think if we all can come together in a movement of love, so much will change. I see it happening, slowly, do you? There is a subtle shift going on.

    • There is definately a subtle shift taking place and its exactly as your describing it :). In vedic history they note this change as an evolution of conscousness. There are different phases in a cycle over time where all beings raise in conscousness. I believe its currently the end of the ‘kali yuga’ phase. Please dont quote me on terms, i may be wrong. But yes i see the transitioning taking place 🙂

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