Rainy Day Epiphany


Please let me know where you go

when the gray skies fill with rain?


Drops begin to fall and puddles form

in a jagged reflection of the storm,

you seem to disappear in a sun’s wink,

swirling into a vanish of cloudy sink.


Where do you run off to and hide,

I would say to myself in a sullen sigh?


As rain collects upon dripping clothes

to form rivers in the valleys of my toes,

you must have better things to do

than stop the struggles I’m going through.


Give me a sign of how I am supposed to feel

As you leave me whirling on a bruised heel.


Because it’s too late and the damage is done,  

with no one to help me, nowhere to run.

Covered in this rain, I stand here alone

to reclaim the pieces of a weary throne.


But then look at how wrong perceptions can be

as life comes full circle and turns a new leaf.


Whenever I think that you left without a trace

you appear to me, as the smile upon my face.

Inspiring me as hope, filling my heart’s cup,

expanding me as courage, so I am able to rise up.


You turn my view around so I am able to see

a miracles first breath, in a place you never left.


So often I look outside myself for a helping hand

yet here is where you exist so I may understand,

that in my darkest times, even as you seem to hide

it only makes me stronger, to find you deep inside.


~ jeffrey vionito


Picture by: http://favim.com/image/936986/


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