Live Out Loud


And we would laugh so hard

to bust apart the madness,

that tears would wash away

the ailments that serious often brings.

Setting fire to the pile of rules

we make and break in everyday,

what a comical drama we build

In this shifting play of time,

slipping by, no reason or rhyme,

thoughts indulge in scrutiny

and try to hold onto to a ‘what’

As ‘when’ and ‘why’ change every ‘how’.

Find reason to harp about weather

and the wind will change its tune,

try seeking to understand this life

and the dust of dreams will pass you by.

Let crying only follow in laughter

Let stomping only follow in dance

Let shouting only call out in Love

stress only to emphasize kindness.

We are fire flies in a twilight of time

spreading light from one to another

our glow dulls in the fading mundane

so laugh carefree and live brightly

before this good season sweeps us away.


~ jeffrey vionito


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2 thoughts on “Live Out Loud

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