Setting into the Sun


I remember the conversations we would have.  Sitting on the edge of a world looking out into the horizon, I could listen for hours.  A render of silence to bathe in the many shades of orange and red, feeling my own being slip into a reversed funnel with visions opening wide into your realm.  What could I possibly offer to you that compares with this cradle of peace you keep me in?  I am but a small particle caught in the rays of your wandering light.  Can you even see the ones that look upon you, as their humble hearts slowly dissolve into the distance between?

But then I would remember the conversations we have, how you would greet me in the mornings and usher me out into another day.  Even the birds would speak your name as they fly from tree to tree, with sun drenched wings reflecting in the crisp air.  Even as the hours grew busier with the hustle and bustle of a world built on stress, your position would raise higher, burning hotter and brighter.  You were trying to reach me then, even though my mind was too cloudy to see it.

But in the dawn of every new evening I come to you and rest in the view of your smoldering presence.  Always seeming so separate from my earthly view at times, but part of me senses the oneness between.  This ground I walk upon, reminds me of the form I am bound to.  In the presence of your light, a letting go of limits that bind my waking thoughts.  And these still moments of being, a reflection of blue sky, as we melt away in the love we both came here for.


~ jeffrey vionito

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