It’s All Happening For You



I see clearly as I focus on what is happening right now.  In this unveiling moment, I can feel her eyes looking deeply into mine.  She has a way of shifting my thoughts in the slightest change of expression and I often wonder why she moves in this way.  Sometimes life is a lost boat in the night, struggling against the waves crashing against the hull.  They pull in every direction and despite the sincerity of my intentions, I can’t help but feel hopelessly defeated.

          These times of experiencing chaos can lead us to our own devices, but if we are fortunate enough, the stormy waters will thrash us to the point of surrender.  It is such a good fortune to reach a point of falling, that the only clear response is to embrace the unknown.  There is an action in doing nothing.  Opening up to a quiet place within helps the senses heighten, unlocking an understanding that never existed before.

          The more I look up into the night, the more thoughts surrender to the way her ocean moves.  Beauty is found in the fullness of each moment, and in this focused romance she expands my understanding deeper than the waves.  I see love’s lunar position, poised with an elegance of stars, guiding with grace, shining in obeisance.  And a calloused view grows sensitive to a feeling of shifting calm as I gaze in awe.  Falling for her, I begin to realize how she has always been there, lifting me up with each wave, guiding a soul towards its beloved destiny.

~ jeffrey vionito

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