In the Bounty of Her Love


 She brings us the bounty of creation, to mold and call upon in ways that only the imagination could understand.  Call it the universe conspiring in our favor, or even say it is our own focused efforts with the grace of love and devotion.  However you view it, everything obtained seems to fade into the light of something new.  All the fruits that are harvested over time will wither if not consumed.  And in this journey I often ask myself, why are we born into such a passing existence?

          I look to her with all her gifts.  She is brilliant and overflowing with abundance, all we need do is pursue with patience and our heart’s desires can be fulfilled.   Yet questions of doubt and futility arise like the clogging of an artery, stopping the flow of her love.  Is it what we are blessed with or is it the journey that brought us the gift, which helps us evolve into a higher clarity of being?

          Cruel or kind, she is a lady in every graceful way.  Always subtly intriguing us with a luring essence of our soul’s passion, she knows that in order to grow we must reach higher.  She knows that divine beauty isn’t found in the form of things coming and going, but in how enduring the spirit is, that dances in the whimsical light of each one.


~ jeffrey vionito

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