Expanding into the Beloved


I remember how you would

stare out into the distance.

I could see the divine journey

mapping itself, the way the sun

would find its way to your garden.

Always a focused point of light,

a glowing warm silhouette

for the flight of flutterbies

dancing from flower to flower.

It was as if you too had wings,

opening in gleaming reflection

of the many colors brought to life.

Even as this new reality begins,

I still feel your heart overflowing

beyond the arms of love, deeper

than the ocean of unknown,

kept within your visions.

Whatever the sun couldn’t give,

you grew from your own light,

nurturing roots with a kindness

beyond a need to understand.

Maybe it’s true what they say,

everything we gain in this world

is left behind when we leave.

But in the heart of hearts,

we all carry a unique journey

from a mystical unknown soil.

Each one, a spirit infused cocoon,

filled with a petal soft wonder

of dreams unfolding in the light,

of love cultivated along the way.

~ jeffrey vionito

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