A Twilight Chai Serenade


She walks in blue starlight

as a snowflake descends,

her butterfly toes bless

the very tops of my thought

like flower petals made soft

from a soul opened wide.

A dreaming nature is hers

and into the night I find

this romance coming alive.

Is it this sip of chai, a blessing

before bedtime, enchanted

recipe of a Guru’s reflection

stirring my sleepy dwelling

in its cosmic consumption?

Or is it something beyond

this shifting sandbox, questions

slipping away, as I dissolve

into her silken lucid arms,

reasoning slips into wonder,

logic unravels, irrelevant,

leaving only a blissful dreamer

awake inside of an imagination,

focused to press and mold,

a fleeting reality to settle into.

~ jeffrey vionito

picture by: http://www.walltor.com/wallpaper/whispered-dreams—-josephine-wall-fantasy-art–wallpaper-86363

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