Your Subtle Wind


I lie here awake, thinking of you.

The gentle whisper of a voice

not soon forgotten.  I remember

cherry blossoms swooning

to the rhythm of wind, the day

I felt your subtleties, lightening,

a child’s smile, my first gesture

to usher in your song, a melody

consuming this voice, once empty.

You ended a deep sleep with a kiss

of purpose, freeing this rooted tree,

bound to a soil of restless thought.

And although I can never see you,

I feel the breeze between my leaves,

an ancient dance, slow and mystical.

As each moment slips into a day,

you keep raising me in consciousness

above shadow of doubt and fear.

I feel your gust, opening me in Love,

a breathing in, that exhales my frailties

and makes them a supple strength,

a quality of your everlasting peace.

~ salvatore vionito


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