The Wedding Day


Today is a good day to rake leaves,
to clear away layers of passing
from a life that has let them go.
Late hour grows cold, winter will end,
yet they remain on frosted ground
a thick mat faded from high glory
they once breathed in so deeply.
Today is a good day for us to gather.
Because life needs warm sunlight,
clear levity to open and expand,
the air to breathe in a welcoming
to what lies in the unknown soil.
All that seemed translucant stars
of natural color, have withered
and collected a weight of burden,
an insulation around its source
stopping possibility of what grows.
Today is a good day to clean house,
to pull away all that hold us back
stealing away our ethereal wind.
This is the time to reclaim the sun
that brings the light into our day,
and give the unknown a chance
to break through this dark veil
With a bounty of inner treasures.

       ~ salvatore vionito

2 thoughts on “The Wedding Day

  1. E.D. says:

    gorgeous photo.. the colour of the leaves, the blurring of the steam, pretty perfect photo.

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