To Krishna – (Mantra Poem Fusion)


Hare Krishna…..Hare Krishna

Always awake, I dream of you,

Oh heavenly vision, deep blue,

Cradle of sky holding a world.

Krishna, Krishna, Hare, Hare

If they only knew this way,

a carved path of hollow flute,

channeling Heaven’s breath.

Hare Rama………..Hare Rama

how a mix of sorrow and drama

Turns to ecstatic sacred bliss

inside vibrations of your name


from this heart, walls fall away.

Tear drops pouring overjoyed,

eyes closed wide, open vast blue

Shri Krishna, Govinda, Hare Muhare

A dam could never stop this wave

Your highest love brings healing

To all that draw you near with feeling.

~ salvatore vionito

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This past Saturday I visited the Krishna Consciousness Temple in Dallas, TX.  I go there on occasion for their amazing vegetarian restaurant, but being the start of 2014 I have decided to take a step forward and actively explore my interests further.  Saturday night they held a kirtan and had dancers perform from the Mexico Bus Tour.  The Mexico Bus tour was comprised of a group of devotees that traveled to various territories in Mexico and introduced the Krishna culture to people through kirtan, dance, and book distribution.

I love kirtan but this was the first time I experienced it through the temple and I have to admit, I was blown away.  As many of you know, I have a natural affinity to Lord Krishna and Radhe.  So when the temple room was full of devotee dancing and chanting to him, I was immediately touched within.  A range of feelings gushed forward, tears, joy,  laughter.  For the first time I experienced ecstatic dancing, devotees welcomed me out onto the floor.  Even my daughter Maia, free spirited inspiration, held out a hand of encouragement to open me up to the wonder of that night.  I truly do not know what was tying me down inside, keeping me from experiencing that before.  But I can only surrender to the notion, that Krishna saw my time, and drew me out from my own inner bindings.

At the end of that night, I was in such an amazing place of being.  Internally blissed, I know this feeling yes.  But externally I was very much awake, I felt alive with an energy and a freedom of flight but with feet firmly on the ground.  The words that come to mind, looking back on this night, is a quote from a JD Salinger novel that reads, “Raise high the roof beam, carpenters. Like Ares comes the bridegroom, taller far than a tall man.”  I think of this line, unclear of its parallel to the book itself, but having this feeling deep within that my house has been made larger, for divine grace to flow freely through.

Peace and Love to everyone!


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