My Mother, My Universe



You are my mother, my father, my brother, my sister, my everything

The source of all abundance is infinite and unfolding in your presence.

We are brought into this life as children to a family of billions, bound by one planet

Living together in this sacred hour right here and right now

Driven by selfishness but then humbly made selfless through compassion,

Torn apart by hate and reunited by understanding and forgiveness,

Separated by fear yet compelled by the power of unconditional Love.

You are the core that keeps the many arms of this world in motion,

You are the peace the world dreams of when they lay there heads down to sleep.

Beloved eternal light of all beings in constant creating

Your touch is as soft as a lotus petal, so serene and timeless

Your unyielding energy flows through us yet we don’t always feel it.

How subtle and yet so selfless you embrace all of humanity

But we must be made humble to feel your presence in every moment

We must be made quiet of mind to hear your guiding whisper

So we can find the way back to our spiritual heart.

You let us go free to explore our own way to find peace and happiness

And when we feel exhausted and left empty in search of answers

You help us remember when it’s time to come back home to you.

Just as the planets revolve around the sun’s never ending light

You have created a space within us all where we can always feel your warmth.

Whenever we feel lost in the creative chaos that we entangle ourselves in,

We seek your Love through the steady rhythm of our breath,

and beating heart that happens effortlessly by your grace.

We seek your Love through the silence of our heartfelt prayers,

We bathe ourselves in the repetitious waters of your name

Surrendering ourselves at the feet of your undying love,

Oh Universal remover of our limited minds how easily you vanquish

our demons that haunt our soul’s hope of ever uniting with you.

And upon waking from this slumber, into the light of your auspicious smile,

Living is filled with purpose and peace, happiness and contentment.

Your mere presence consumes us with bliss and love for our fellow man.

The faint scent of your cosmic essence breeds acceptance in our hearts

Towards everyone we know, and gives fathomless joy to the waves of all the many

People kissed by the rays of your infinite light.


~ Salvatore Vionito


3 thoughts on “My Mother, My Universe

  1. smallpebbles says:

    The way with words has come so lovingly through – love song from Isness……thanks!

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