Grammy’s Hands

Jenni and Mom Beatie_1_1


I remember how you would

Look at your hands and turn away.

Weathered and worn,

With blemishes and marks,

Like stones tossed and washed over,

by the currents of time.

If only you could have seen them

Through my young eyes.

I remember walking with you,

My little hand in yours,

Like the wild river

Falling into the ocean

I would dissolve

into your peaceful aura.

Hands made baby soft and smooth,

to hold me in quiet slumber.

The loving brush of your fingers

Running through my hair,

how they would stop every tear

before they ever left my eyes.

All of your many kisses,

Placed so perfectly in your palm,

Like a cocoon giving flight

To a flurry of flutterbies;

soaring across the ocean

of our parting worlds.


                           ~ Salvatore Vionito

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