Wandering Soul




I came into this world
a wandering soul,
fit snug in a body
that will someday grow old.

Full of new experiences
this life seems to be,
I live among many people
all very unique like me.

So many things to discover

 as this new world passes by,
I guess I will always be a traveler
until I can one day figure out why.

I came into this world an actor
on this stage as a simple man,
with a fixation for passing things
that were never part of the plan.

Because when it’s time to shed this cocoon
and fly on with wings set so free,
My Bags will be packed so neatly
And yet there will only be room for me.

You see, I am just a wandering soul
a passing breeze, a rolling stone.
No matter how much I gather or find
all I remain is pure awareness alone.

                        ~ Salvatore Vionito

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