How Do You Awaken From This Dream?

260-stairs to spirit

You wake up from a deep sleep and when you open your eyes you find yourself on the floor in the corner of the room.  This room does not look familiar to you.  Immediately, you start to think that this doesn’t feel right.  You wonder where you are and how did you get here and a sense of incompleteness envelopes you.  The only thought in your mind is you want to leave this place and go home.

As panic is building up inside of you, you notice a small candle is glowing in the center of the room.  The candle is illuminating just enough to see the door on the other side of the room.  You make your way over to the door and try to open it. But its locked.  You bang on the door and yell but no one answers.  Every emotion in you seems to magnify with every bad thought of your situation arising.  The more you sit there, the more thoughts grow about the danger you are in.  You begin to fill with pain and suffer from the unknown.  So you go back into the corner you woke up from and hide your head in your hands and try to calm down.     You want to go home but you realize that for right now this is how it is until something changes. So you sit there and wait.  You start to calm down, wipe your tears away and lift your head up to look into the room.  The light in the center reveals very little but the more you look, the more your eyes adjust to the dimness of the room. And you start to see more than you did before. The room has the potential of being semi comfortable to accommodate someone except for the fact that there are no light switches or lights that offer more illumination on things. But you make your way to a comfy chair where you see some snacks and a magazine that looks interesting.   For the time being you are at ease even though you are still aware of your dilemma. So you aren’t truly at peace but enough to get by.  After a while you grow bored of what you found and the same haunting thoughts creep into your head again. The feeling of incompleteness and fear grow once again until you breakdown again and then after sometime regain your composure. This time you feel defeated. But it’s different from before. You realize maybe that you need to look for clues this time instead of accommodations to try and figure out where you are and how to get out.  The light is dim so you decide to crawl on the ground to look for clues. As you search you find an old shoe of yours and you think it’s odd that this is in some strange person’s house.  Then you see a box of personal items that says grandma’s craft supplies. This reminds you of your own grandmother and how she used to make things for the family.  Then you see a crate of tools and you think of how your dad has a similar crate like that for his tools. As you keep searching you notice the smell of food cooking and you start to think about how good it would be to be home so you could have some of mom’s baked ziti for dinner.  Then you finally come across a key entwined into the carpet threads. You pull it out of the rug with great effort. The shag of the rug seemed to engulf it over the years.    You think to yourself this must be the key out of here, so you stand up and apprehensively approach the door, insert the key, turn the knob and open it slowly.  There is a long staircase leading upward.  You pause.  At this point you know that if you stay here in the basement you are safe for the time being.  But what lies at the top of the stairs?  How do you know that someone isn’t up there planning a way to kill you?  You struggle with the decision of staying where you are because it’s safe or taking a chance of being free and climbing the stairs.  After some time you realize that where you are, will only lead to suffering. There is no more food or water, and sooner or later it will come to a point where you might not survive or have the energy to continue waiting.

You walk slowly to the top in fear of what you might find but the further you climb the more inviting the atmosphere begins to feel.  When you reach the top of the stairs you pull back the curtain on the string and see the inside of your own house. You are home, and you have been here this whole time.  You have no idea how you got into the basement that you never knew about until now. But at this point you realize that everything is perfectly fine and everything is as it should be.  You begin to feel complete,  joyful and have nothing but gratitude for everyone that comes into the house.

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