The Strongest Medicine





Last night Sound Eagle asked me a question and normally I would respond in the comments but this is such a good question.  To answer it best, and give everyone a glimpse of my outlook I decided to turn it into a post. So, Thank you again Sound Eagle! You are asking me a question that makes me look deep within myself and that will ultimately help me on my path.

The question was:

Salvatore, are you really that unbounded and unfettered, revelling in youthful optimism and new-age transcendentalism?  Or are you exercising your poetic licence to show us an ideal or way of life to which you aspire?

My answer is :

        Yes to all three questions.  I believe that all beings have a deep connection to God. In general, I notice people believe that either God is separate from us or that God dwells within us, as us, and everything around us and beyond.  No matter how you view it, if you are visiting this site, you may agree that our entire existence was created by that source. In that viewpoint there is no doubt for me that there is a direct connection inherent in all of us.
I have noticed, in my life, a cause and effect relationship between me trying to force my life in a certain direction as opposed to setting my intentions and letting the universe unfold in its own natural way.
Forcing my life to play out in a certain way or not acknowledging that connection with God that we all have, always seems to lead to great suffering for me.  My expectations and perceptions never meet perfectly, if at all, and it would lead to many symptoms of suffering including depression, anxiety, breakdown, and fear of trying again.
Setting my intentions and letting the universe unfold in its own natural course has allowed me to develop a deep awareness. It created an awareness that helped remove the expectations and to create a distance between the outcome and my reaction to it.  When I started surrendering to this natural flow of things I noticed that depression, anxiety, anger, feeling overwhelmed, and fear started to fade away.
When I first started noticing this I always seemed to compare it to a blood vessel.   Thoughts, judgmental perceptions, expectations were like the clogging agents that created resistance for the blood to flow to and from the heart.  But when I quieted the mind of all the chatter that limited my development, all the plague would disappear and everything would flow freely.  Some people could also compare this to God’s Grace.  When we open ourselves up and become in tune with the possibility that we are a part of a bigger unfolding of events that would help the natural balance of life for all, God blesses us with his Grace.  And in that Grace we experience effortlessness caused by the removal of all the things that burden us, as if we are being carried.

            I always try to exercise my poetic license because I believe that it helps me to connect with others on a more personal level.  And because of how much I have identified with my suffering in the past, and have found refuge from it, I created this site in hopes to help myself and others to maintain and develop the awareness and potential within to overcome our suffering permanently.  One of my most inspiring teachers, Neem Karoli Baba, once said “Love is the strongest medicine”.  If there is one quote that resonates with me most, it would be this one.  To cultivate a life and to live through the awareness of the spiritual heart,  creates a continual spring of healing that will shower its medicine of love upon all that are open to receive it.

As a poet, I would say, that nothing in this life stays the same. I consider myself unbounded and unfettered, reveling in youthful optimism and new-age transcendentalism.  But it only works as long as I keep this awareness of the natural flow of things.  I think life will always bring rough waters.  But as long as I remember where to find refuge, I will happily take this row boat across the mighty sea.


Peace and Love,

            ~Salvatore Vionito

5 thoughts on “The Strongest Medicine

  1. SoundEagle says:

    Salvatore, you are very diligent and commendable for taking a good effort in thinking about and responding to SoundEagle’s questions.

    Alas, it is getting very late — almost half past two in the morning in this part of the world. SoundEagle will take a much better look at your writing after having a good sleep and completing some errands tomorrow.

    Take care, Salvatore.

  2. SoundEagle says:

    As a token of SoundEagle’s appreciation, and since “Love is the Strongest Medicine”, please kindly receive the following gift:

    _________❤ Love i____________❤ Love is
    ______❤ Love is the _______❤ Love is the St
    ____❤ Love is the Stron___❤ Love is the Stron
    ___❤ Love is the Strongest Medicine_______❤ Lo
    __❤ Love is the Strongest Medicine_________❤ Lo
    _❤ Love is the Strongest Medicine ❤ L_______❤ Lo
    _❤ Love is the Strongest Medicine ❤ Love ______❤
    ❤ Love is the Strongest Medicine ❤ Love is t__❤ L
    ❤ Love is the Strongest Medicine ❤ Love is the _❤
    ❤ Love is the Strongest Medicine ❤ Love is the St
    ❤ Love is the Strongest Medicine ❤ Love is the St
    _❤ Love is the Strongest Medicine ❤ Love is the
    __❤ Love is the Strongest Medicine ❤ Love is th
    ____❤ Love is the Strongest Medicine ❤ Love is
    ______❤ Love is the Strongest Medicine ❤ Lo
    _________❤ Love is the Strongest Medicin
    ____________❤ Love is the Strongest M
    ______________❤ Love is the Strong
    _________________❤ Love is the
    ___________________❤ Love is
    _____________________❤ Love
    ______________________❤ Lo

  3. SoundEagle says:

    Hi Salvatore,
    SoundEagle has returned to read and appreciate this post again. 🙂 To those who are/were unfortunately failed by Love, then there is still another way: “Laughter is the Best Medicine”.

    Speaking of Love being the Strongest Medicine, SoundEagle has responded with

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