Living As One


Somewhere between the earth and the sun

There is a space where the birds fly free.

And somewhere between the universe and I

There is a place where the infinite dances with me.


Beyond the thin veil of this mundane illusion

Lays an ocean of bliss beyond any of its kind.

Unlike the fleeting glimpse of worldly joy

This unending source is a rare treasure to find.


Your wisdom and power are limitless

All I can do is admit that I don’t know.

I cultivate a life of selfless praise to you

And learn that in your living presence I will grow.


I dissolve into you in that realm of sweet surrender

And you shine the light of grace on me,

You raise my consciousness to a higher place

Where I can see beyond the limits of my own possibility.


As the birds that fly through the sky so blue

My heart and soul is set so free

Neither rooted by wing or foot be bound

To soar through this life effortlessly.


And between the space of you and I

Your teaching is so clear to me,

Separation is the root of my suffering

Living as One, I am boundless and free.



~ Salvatore Vionito

8 thoughts on “Living As One

  1. srucara says:

    I am utterly speechless, your poetry is just majestic

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