The Limitless Potential of You

At this moment in time you are at the greatest possible point of transformation that you have ever been.  You are the best possible ‘YOU’ that you can be.  No matter how ‘great’ things are or how ‘bad’ they may appear to be, you are the only one that is stopping you from seeking the change and becoming something more than you are.  And no matter what someone may say or do, never let them sneak into your mind, like a thief in the night, and make you think that you are anything less than what you truly are.


We always seem to judge others, judge ourselves.  Always trying to let people know how things should be, based on our experiences and perceptions of life.    Complaining and judging, although easy to do because it creates easy conversation for our busy minds, only pours out of our being a reflection of the discontent that we have inside.  Just as you seeing water being poured out of a cup would lead you to believe that there was water in the cup, anything projected is an indicator of where we are drawing our thoughts from.


I remember in the bible Jesus would say, “Judge not lest ye be judged’.  By definition ‘to judge’ means to give an opinion based on careful consideration.  But if we look deeper into it, doesn’t it suggest that we are in a sense putting a condition or a limit on the always changing condition we call life?  And when we judge others we are, in a sense, creating a limit, expectation, or condition for how we ourselves are supposed to be?  I know from my own personal experiences that when I place judgment or talk about someone else, I have always had to focus on those events so that I never walked in the path that I myself had condemned.  What a tremendous burden to put on myself, not to mention the hurt it caused someone else.


So why do we do this?  Why do we judge if this is the case?  Maybe in order to better reflect on this we should follow the flow of water back into the cup to see where the source of judgment arises.  If you ever catch yourself in the act in time, and trace that thought back to its source you may find that it is coming from our always rationalizing, logical thinking lower mind where we view the world and cultivate a life based on survival.  Whether it is survival on a physical level or for acceptance by others, our lower mind will always seem reach externally for justification and gratification.


Jesus, always identifying with the higher consciousness and higher level of thinking, knew our limitless potential and he also knew how judging others meant putting limits even on ourselves.  And by judging other people we create separation.  And Jesus knew of a Higher Love, an Unconditional Godly Love that he hoped for everyone to one day realize.  He knew that in the wake of a higher consciousness, we are All One.  And in that understanding, we all have the Overflowing Love from God, and the limitless potential to be whatever we wanted to be.


Even from a scientific, poetic, and universal standpoint offers a path of reflection on this.  At the most basic level, everything and everyone is made of Atoms and/or DNA.  Atoms and DNA show a constant pattern of creating, sustaining, and transitioning into something else.  So in a sense is anything really a ‘creation’ or is everything more of a ‘creating’?  If everything constantly changes on this simple level, wouldn’t it be true that in collaboration with each other they would act the same way?  Think about the multitude of things in nature that constantly change, renew, and evolve into something else.  We truly are limitless.


dna chain


And it’s only when we recognize and honor that process that we are able to manifest the changes we want in our life.  This is not to try and take God out of the equation.  This is the very essence of God’s Grace.  It’s only when we honor and surrender to that natural flow of things and develop an awareness of it, that we will be blessed with the flow of limitless possibilities.

By definition we could say this is called Love, that living present moment that we recognize a deep soulful connection within.  And when we connect with our Self on this level we dissolve into our true nature.  And from this point all things are possible.



Peace and Love,

Salvatore Vionito


2 thoughts on “The Limitless Potential of You

  1. That video was telling. Would you recommend watching the movie? And thank you for such a meaningful post. 🙂

    • I loved the movie very much and highly recommend it! It touches on many levels of our human condition and leaves you with something to reflect on. Which is always good! Thank you so much for reading this post, I am glad you enjoyed it.

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